ofxKinect "Isochronous transfer error: 1" on OSX 10.13

Running kinectExample on OSX 10.13 I’m getting sporadic “Isochronous transfer error: 1” messages. I tried on two other machines running OSX 10.10 and 10.12 and everything worked fine.

Is it possible that this is an issue with 10.13?
Could anyone confirm that ofxKinect can work on OSX 10.13 or 10.14 without this problem?

OF version 0.10.1
Kinect sensor model 1414

It has to do with the usb port as far as I can remember. Try using a different port and plug the kinect directly to the computer, not through a hub or extension cable. also try disconnecting other usb devices, just leave the kinect.

This machine has just one USB 3.0 bus. No other external devices connected, no extension cable. Internally the bus has a Bluetooth USB controller and built-in camera connected to it. I tried turning off Bluetooth and disabling the camera as best I could but no improvement.

The test worked fine on another machine (also with a single USB 3.0 bus) that was running osx 10.12. I tried updating that machine to 10.13 and re-testing. It now does give a very occasional (roughly every 10 mins or so) “isochronous…” error. This is not nearly as bad as the first machine, and good enough that I’m not really sure it means anything, but I didn’t see a single error pop up when it was running 10.12…

Anyway, the problem goes away when I disable the video feed. The project I’m working on only needs depth, so I should probably just try to stop worrying about it. Computers are hard.

Thanks for the reply to this.