ofxKinect | how to install properly the libfreenect kinect drivers

Hello, I was using the Kinect with Processing and SimpleOpenNI and I wanted to try with OF on windows 7 so I have erased the windows sdk and all the kinect drivers.

Then I have restarted and plugged my kinect again. Two drivers start to install automatically : Xbox NUI Audio and Xbox NUI Camera. I have replaced the two of them with the libfreenect kinect drivers included in the ofxKinect addon (ofxKinect/libs/libfreenect/platform/windows/inf).

But there is no mention of any motor… So I can not update the driver motor.

When I try to use the example with Code::Blocks I get these messages :

[verbose] ofxKinect: context inited
[warning] ofxKinect: no available devices found
[warning] ofxKinect: update(): device -1 isn’t delivering data, reconnecting tries: 1

Do you know how two install the 3 drivers properly : camera, audio AND motor drivers ?

Hi fdiba,

See : https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/tree/master/addons/ofxKinect

You need to (re)install the kinect’s Camera, Motor and Audio drivers from ofxKinect’s following folder : ofxKinect/libs/libfreenect/platform/windows/inf

Good luck !


Thank you for your answer but I had figured that part. I just don’t know how to proceed. I’m not used to install drivers manually.

I tried to update the drivers with the Device Manager. It seems to work for the Xbox NUI Audio and Xbox NUI Camera but the motor never shows up.

And I still get the same error message.

Oh sorry !

That’s strange, I have the same setup (ofxKinect on windows 7) and the three devices showed up in the Device Manager as I plugged my kinect.

You’ve probably already tested this, but try to unplug / replug your kinect, change the USB port, and maybe restart your computer ?

No idea why this doesn’t show up… I hope you’ll get it working !

I have tried with another Kinect and the motor finally appeared in the Device Manager.

Now everything is up and running.

Maybe a power problem ?


I am having the same problem… I have a Kinect for Windows. it works fine on my mac.

But on PC… I just can’t get to install libfreenect drivers … I tried with several pcs… but I get the same issue all the time…

here are some videos of it…

any ideas??

I’ve solved my own problem… you hit F10 at the beginning and install UBUNTU on this puppy…

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