ofxKinect_Box2D does not compile under Linux (ofxFingerDetector.h: No such file)

my system Ubuntu 11.10 64bit, Code::Blocks

I downloaded the Kinect sample code from https://github.com/jvcleave/ofxKinect-Box2D. After creating a code blocks project with
python …/…/scripts/linux/createProjects.py ofxKinect_Box2D
I tried to compile the project with code::blocks but I get the error

src/testApp.h|10|fatal error: ofxFingerDetector.h: No such file or directory

ofxFingerDetector.cpp and ofxFingerDetector.h are located in the ofxFingerDetector directory under the addons directory. but that what I’m doing wrong?

Welcome on th OF forum @ReNa! Check if you have addons.make file in the same folder of your .cbp project file and if yes if there is written ofxFingerDetector and the names of the other addons needed. Also All the addons should be inside the folder Openframework/addons, if there are not inside, the compiler can’t find them and that’s one of possible reason of that error.

thanks for the quick response kalwalt,
i looked into the other addons folders and noticed that there is a install.xml file. is this file required for an addon? and is it required that all addons have a src folder (with the cpp and h file inside)?