ofxKinect and ofxOpenNI on Windows

Just wanted a quick confirmation: can both ofxKinect and ofxOpenNI be used on Windows ?

I’ve used both on osx, but in the windows lib folder of ofxKinect I see the libfreenect drivers.
Does that mean it’s not possible to use OpenNI and access libfreenect to read the accelerometer ?

don’t think so,either ofxkinect or ofxOpenni.

hey george - both ofxKinect and OpenNi/ofxOpenNI work on windows

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I think my phrasing was a bit of. I meant if I could both at the same time on Windows, and I can’t.
I was used fo getting accelerometer values on osx in the same project I was using OpenNI (since ofxHardwareDriver talks to libfreenect), but that’s possible only on linux/osx.

The OpenNI driver (SensorKinect) and libfreenect can’t run side by side on Windows, as I’ve found out.