ofxkinect and ofquicktime problems

I’m on a mac running OSX 10.8.2 with Xcode 4.5.2.

I’m just getting started learning open frameworks, and want to use it with my kinect. I downloaded the workshop posted here: http://futuretheater.net/wiki/Kinect-Workshop

It comes with oF0070, ofxkinect and a bunch of examples (with addons) that should build. However, I can’t build any of the example files without getting quicktime or video errors (see attached).

I read that this could be tied to having a baseSDK of 10.8, so I’ve set the project and open frameworks baseSDKs to 10.7, with no luck.

Any ideas what the problem could be? If not, any suggestions as to where to start–tutorials or the like?

Note: I can build with ofxKinect from github with of0073…but I’m looking for tutorials.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Those are nice set of examples but you will need to have the 10.6 SDK in order for those to work. There is also some stuff in there that was in 007 pre-release status that will cause errors in any “official” version of OF.

Your best bet is to start with the latest OF (0073) and the latest ofxKinect
Duplicate the ofxKinect Example
Copy the contents of the Workshop’s projects testApp.h and testApp.cpp into your duped projects

Again - you will still get errors but they will be much easier to figure out and you will be up to date