ofxKinect and Box2d example

Hello Guys, I am new to the openFrameworks world, I have downloaded openFrameworks and ofxKinect, ofxBox2d addons in my mac. Now I want to develop some app using these two addons, can somebody guide me how to start.

I am using KINECT INTERACTIVITY DEMO (http://labs.ideo.com/2011/04/12/kinect-interactivity-demo/) but getting error. can somebody pls help

I started here: http://openkinect.org/wiki/Main-Page

lots of great reading and tutorials. doing that in tandem with learning basic C++ and reading programming interactivity.

thanks. can you suggest any tutorial where I can combine kinect, opencv contour detection and box2d object collision detection. I am finding some tutorials to learn about the kinect and box2d.