Ofxjsonrpc Http post


Im trying to communicate my ofApp with an android app, using jsonrpc with this java library over android http://software.dzhuvinov.com/json-rpc-2.0-client.html.

But i was not able to even make the connection, i see that the java part has the following requisites:

  • jsonrpc 2.0
  • transport HTTP POST

And the ofxJsonRpc use websockets “i think”, its possible to use ofxJsonRpc over http post? instead going thought a websocket.


It’s possible to use ofxJSONRPC via POST. You can do this manually or use the included Javascript library to use its AJAX backend. For example, see.

More specifically, if you comment out the socketUrl it will be forced to use the ajax / post url.

So basically you just need to post your JSON requests to http://yourhost/post.

Let me know if you have any questions …

Also you can change the post endpoint in the post route settings if you don’t want it to be post.