ofxJSON error?

Hey everyone,

Right now I am trying to pull information from the reddit api. Everything is printing to the console just fine but when I try to build and run I get an error that says "Invalid conversion from ‘const char’ to ‘long unsigned int’ ". I’m not eh best programmer so I’m a little confused as to what this is. This is the code I have running in the draw:

vector<string> redditIn = result["data"].getMemberNames();  
	string timestamp = redditIn[0];  
		int n=0;  
		ofxJSONElement reddit = result["children"][timestamp];  
		for(int i=0; i<reddit.size(); i++)  
			string message = redditIn[i]["title"].asString();         //Error happens here  
			franklinBook.drawString(message, 10, 40*i+40);  

I know this is a n00b kind of question, hence it being posted in this section. I’d appreciate any help!



I had to replace:

string message = redditIn[i][“title”].asString();


string message = reddit[i][“title”].asString();

For those who looked in thanks!

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