ofxiTunes Visualizer

This is the goal - OF iTunes Visualizer. There is an iTunes Visual SDK with a super basic example of the SDK working. The example that apple provides is using QuickDraw for rendering with deprecated functions. They really need to update the SDK.

There is also this lib VizKit that is crazy complicated eek. Vizkit does do what we need, but it is just to complicate to add to OF. there is this whole registering of actors and actions system, amazing but just to much comprehension.

If you dig through the project you can see how he is building against OpenGL look in VisualGraphicsCore.cpp


info about vizit:

info about itunes SDK:

So… I have an example of OF compiling with the SDK and i think a basic setup (inside itunesPlugin.cpp) . I am starting to get lost - there is some crazy carbon stuff in there CGrafPtr and stuff ouch. I had to mod the core a bit just comment out #include soundplayer but I think there will be a fix for this soon.

I guess the next step is to write the graphics connection from scratch or just hack vizkit. Anyone want to help. I think that it would be a killer addon.

when you build the project, it goes into you home directory users/Library/iTunes/plugins…

download the example here.



so if I get what you want to do, you want to create visualizer plugins with OF for iTunes? Sounds fun, if that’s the case, but I guess I am failing to see the long term usefulness… maybe if I look at your code I will get a better idea. Either way, good luck, and if I see anyway I can contribute I will let ya know.

Making some progress :slight_smile: ohh man can’t wait for this to work

![](http://forum.openframeworks.cc/uploads/default/373/Picture 2.png)

think this is a great idea vanderlin.
be great to have another platform for audio reactive visuals, especially since itunes is so ubiquitous.
i for one would definitely like to do something like this…

We now have box2d inside of iTunes… still working on the main window setup, but getting there.

![](http://forum.openframeworks.cc/uploads/default/374/Box2d iTunes.png)

Ahh, now I see. This does look fun! Gonna give this a spin! Keep up the good work!

wow that would rock; I looked into making an iTunes plugin once but the sample code was sooo ugly I just gave up.
I bet tons of new plugins will suddenly show up as soon you release this! :slight_smile:

Im back from vaca :slight_smile: I need to clean a bit of the code up and post this. I have all of the OF examples working inside iTunes. Yes OpenCv as well hehe.

Nice to see the interest here in advanced graphics with iTunes visualizers. I did not really quite get the openFrameworks approach yet, but seeing it at work with the iTunes visual API is amazing anyhow. Be it in conjunction with box2d or OpenCv.
The VizKit samplework might look a bit verbose but peeking at the graphics code and the messaging code in the main classes should give you a clue about the communication between plugin and host. VizKit covers a lot of audio visualizer domain specific functionality (audio waveform and spectrum data input, album cover artwork, audio metadata, etc.).
Looking forward to see all the openFrameworks examples running on iTunes’ visualizer canvas.

Good luck!


I’m really interested in this project.
How’s it going? Is there any further example showing simple audio spectrum data from itunes…

Any progress on this work? I would also love to see any latest examples people have.

In fact, I’m interested in both iTunes visualizers and OSX screensavers as well, although after looking through the forums it seems the last time someone posted about getting a screensaver lib. to work was in June '09. Does anyone know of any progress since then?

I’m hoping to put together an OF workshop at my office and thought a great assignment for the class would be to end up with either a screensaver or visualizer.



Hi, sorry to dig up this old thread.

Todd, do you have a link to your example app the link in your first post seem to be broken. I’d like to see how you’ve done it.



Hi Todd Vanderlin,
I saw on the dev list that you have a version working again that builds against 007 but not 008 - if you can’t get the help to get OpenGL working in 008 would you mind posting the add-on for 007?
I really would like to build iTunes visualisers - it’d be a really fun way of learning open frameworks.

Hello @vanderlin.
I have been looking and searching all over the internet for tutorials on how to build a visualizer for iTunes. I haven’t had any progress. I recently came across OpenFrameworks and your idea fits right into what I want to work on. Can i join you on this if you are still working on building it?

Does anybody have any news on this?
I’m trying to get it to work with Cinder using cocoacid but that doesn’t compile either.
My main issue is definitely with the tidying up.

What did you have to remove @vanderlin?