ofxIpVideoGrabber without textures? for the cloud

I’m trying to build an app that runs in the cloud that takes in IP video using IpVideoGrabber, does some CV stuff on it, then sends the CVed pix from an ofxHTTP server. I’m trying to set up the ipvidgrabber as grabber->setUseTexture(false), but i get a segmentation fault as soon as it gets going.

Is it possible to work with IP video without having a GPU?

I’m sorry. Nevermind. This works. No need to even call setUseTexture(false) on the IPgrabber.

Sure. It probably just needs to be modified slightly. In the update loop of the grabber, don’t set use texture to true (it doesn’t upload the texture until it syncs with the main thread in the update loop) and don’t attempt to draw it…

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