ofxiPhoneVidGrabber on iOS 4.2 missing frameworks ?

hi all!

i’m trying to add the ofxiPhoneVidGrabber + ofxOpenCviPhone with iOS 4.2 SDK and having some trouble finding the CoreMedia.framework and AVFoundation.framework.
can’t find out what i’m messing and/or missing…
can anyone help me out on this?

* )


Do a spotlight search? Mine are something like:


I just drag them into the core framework folder in XCode and choose “relative to project” and create folder references.

To include:

#include “AVFoundation/AVAudioSession.h”

yep that did it!
i was only noticing the .header files and missing they were actually inside the framework folder - duh!


Did you manage to run the opencvFaceExample iPhone example?
I’m trying to run it with SDK 4.3, but no success so far. Even when I’m changing all base SDK to 4.3 and the iOS development target to 4.2

Which branch or version OF you are using?

hi Baztov

i didn’t try Face detection, was just testing basic opencv stuff on iphone of 062. sorry I couldn’t help more…