I’m currently trying to use Memo’s ofxiPhone lib ( http://memo.tv/developing-for-iphone-us-…–ofxiphone ).

I’m really having trouble trying to compile freeimage and freetype for the iPhone. I’ve been messing with the makefiles for a while now, and am still getting a bunch of errors.

I’m wondering if anybody has got further than me and would be kind enough to share their makefiles, method for being able to compile or even the precompiled libs.

Thanks :slight_smile:

yes, we’ve been working on it a lot actually,

this isn’t exactly the latest version, but it has freetype and freeimage in it along with some basic sound stuff


Thanks a lot! I guess this is the price that I pay for having spent most of my time using IDEs that do all of the work for me :wink:

I’ll try and write some wrappers for some of the API functions as I use them and send them over. I think this is a great project, as I still haven’t got comfortable writing my Apps in Obj-C…


Yeah Obj-c can be a little weird… I need to get on with writing up documentation on the library and coming up with a good way for people to contribute easily…

once you get the hang of it, writing obj-c wrappers is pretty easy

how I could add addons for iphone??

All addons will work?


Can anyone share their iphone freetype and freeimage makefiles with me pretty please? Or explain how to edit mine? I am desperate!

I’m not sure what the distribution license is for these libs (which is why I don’t post them on my site - also I was waiting for 006 to be officially released before announcing all of this, amazing how news spreads! :P), but you can download them from

I didn’t actually compile these, can’t remember where I got them from, I think from Damian (frey).

svn co [http://damian.dreamhosters.com/svn/projects/iphone/freetype](http://damian.dreamhosters.com/svn/projects/iphone/freetype)  
svn co [http://damian.dreamhosters.com/svn/projects/iphone/freeimage](http://damian.dreamhosters.com/svn/projects/iphone/freeimage)  

I see that binaries have been linked above…but for reference I’ve posted my notes for cross-compiling freetype and freeimage on my site: http://robertcarlsen.net/blog/2009/03/25/openframeworks-iphone-libs-593

Feel free to let me know if there is anything I could have done better.


For the archives: now that OF006 is officially released, you can download the iphone fat package from http://www.openframeworks.cc/download and if you’re into SVN and keeping up-2-date you can get the most current ofxiPhone from http://code.google.com/p/ofxiphone/