ofxiPhone Touch/Mouse events with UISlider

Hi all,

Sort of new to ofxiPhone, but very familiar with Processing, so this has all come pretty easy so far…

I have a UISlider that is changing the background color of my iPad app. It’s working great, but I also have a timer that I set on touchUp that removes the slider from display after a period of time. I’m trying to prevent this timer from turning on while the slider is being moved, but I haven’t been able to get any OF out-of-the-box touch events to respond to the slider. In fact the slider seems to be isolated from all of them. Is there any way around this? Thanks!

I figured it out. I went digging into UI properties. I did something like this:

if ( slider.state == UIControlStateHighlighted) {


} else if ( slider.state == UIControlStateNormal ) {