ofxiOSVideoPlayer delay on looping

Hey there
I am trying to loop a walkingcicle video with ofxiOSVideoPlayer on iPad mini.
Every time, the video jumps back to the beginning, there is a short delay in playback and causes my animation to hobble.
I tried m4v and mp4, but there is no notable difference there.
I guess, at the end of the clip, the video gets loaded again and that causes the delay.
Any ideas how to get rid of that?

did someone find a solution for that ?
I’m also trying to loop some very short video (1 sec) and got a very annoying delay each time video goes from end to start

Still no solution,
I have to hide the delay by drawing the last image until first image get ready. But I can feel a 0.5sec delay each time video is looping.

I found some hacks on Web to have seamless loops, but I was not able to succeed with them
I tried http://devsolvd.com/questions/looping-a-video-with-avfoundation-avplayer
For instance something like (written in swift here on this page)

avPlayer.actionAtItemEnd = AVPlayerActionAtItemEndNone

                                             selector: "playerItemDidReachEnd:", 
                                             name: AVPlayerItemDidPlayToEndTimeNotification, 
                                             object: avPlayer.currentItem)

func playerItemDidReachEnd(notification: NSNotification) {
let p: AVPlayerItem = notification.object as! AVPlayerItem

I’m still looking for a solution for seamless video loops on iOS

An actual working solution can be found here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/33335884/763355