ofxiOSSoundPlayer 3D more than one soundfile help

Hey all
I need 3d Sound and switched from openAl to ofxiOSSoundPlayer and ofxiOSSoundPlayer3D from here: https://gist.github.com/ofTheo/5796441

My Problem is, that I am somehow not able to control more than one soundfile properly.

When I create some Instances like so in .h:
ofxiOSSoundPlayer3D mySound3D_1;
ofxiOSSoundPlayer3D mySound3D_2;

and .mm:

the pan would be the the same for all my objects. it is the last position I set for the last object in my vector holding the players.

what am I doing wrong?

You don’t use the right instances. You named them mySound3D_1 and mySound3D_2 but assign the soundfiles to ‘mySound3D’ …

Knut Einar :slight_smile:

Hey Rabbagast
My bad. I just made a typo for the example here. In real, I assigned it like so:

Awkwardly, it turned out that I rotated the listenerlookat for every soundfile towards the soundfile and overlooked it with my tired eyes for hours and hours.
There is nothing like a good nights sleep…

Thank you anyways.