ive created a new addon titled ofxiOS,

i think it will come in handy for many iOS devs using OF that find the OF iPhone app structure a bit restricting.
ofxiOS is more on the advanced side, mainly for people that want to code native Obj-C apps and embed OF inside them. Please read below for more detail…


ofxiOS is built on top of ofxiPhone.
It allows developers to build native iPhone apps and embed OF apps only when needed.

This is different to ofxiPhone which sets up the OF app at the root of the iPhone application, which means that the iPhone application launches straight into the OF app but what if you wanted some native iOS UI before then?

ofxiOS allows to embed multiple OF apps at different levels in the iPhone application and enables developers to make iPhone applications as they normally would but with the added benefit of having OpenFrameworks at their disposal.

Super work and answers questions that I get asked a lot about OF+iOS drv. Aost makes me want to get an iPhone again for dev :slight_smile:

Very nice! I was curious before how we’d be able to add a openGL view to different navigation/uiview pages. From your images, it looks like this is easily possible now. Very nice work!

It could be pretty cool to put all the iOS example apps into one project now with navigation.

Taking OF mobile dev to the next level! Thank you very much Lukasz

Thanks for this. I am trying to make the example work in XCode 4 / Snow Leopard with no success. The latest compile error is related to

clang: error: no such file or directory: ofxiPhoneSoundStream.mm

Any ideas? Is there a blank slate example for iPhone somewhere?


I’m interested a lot too :slight_smile:

I’m currently trying to figure out the best way to make customized screens (I mean views) and customized transitions between them while navigating.

How can I use your addon from the ground up?
I mean, does it require a specific process to be used instead of only including .h headers?

Nice! Thanks for this.

A couple of comments:

  • builds and runs “out of the box” fine on OF 07, but got lots of build errors when trying it on OF 062. The errors might just be due to the changes in Xcode project file set-up, rather than anything inherently needed in OF 007. Any thoughts?

  • building for iPad has small issue with the retina resolution detection…

Currently, it detects that retina is supported and thus doubles the font size, even though it shouldn’t…

int fontSize = 8;  
    if( ofxiPhoneGetOFWindow()->isRetinaSupported() )  
        fontSize *= 2;  

If I comment out the retina detection, then it’s ok:

int fontSize = 8;  
    //if( ofxiPhoneGetOFWindow()->isRetinaSupported() )  
    //    fontSize *= 2;  

Hope that’s useful input in some way… :wink:

Thanks again for this though, looking forward to getting more into it…

it is helpful !