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Hi, I’m trying to get a project developed on 0.9.8 running on the new nightly build because I’m having problems with OF_FULLSCREEN (and/or ofSetFullScreen(true)). It project relies on ofxIO and I’m getting the error of Lexical or Preprocessor Issue, ‘Poco/FileStream.h’ file not found.

I noticed poco is no longer in the libs of openFrameworks directory on the nightly so I copied it from 0.9.8 into openFrameworks/libs and that didn’t solve the issue either - how do I get this working? @bakercp


If you use ofxIO with the nightly build you’ll need to use the ofxIO master branch. You’ll also need to include ofxPoco because it has been moved to an addon in 0.10.0.

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Ah I see, I’ll try it out, thanks!

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Everything worked out fine, thanks for the quick response yesterday! It’s a bit odd that the ofxPoco include statement is #include "ofxXmlPoco.h" and not just ofxPoco.h though, maybe that should be changed to make it standard with all the other addons?

I believe ofxIO includes Poco stuff directly, so you probably don’t need to ever include ofxXmlPoco.h, but yeah that is funny. The main reason was because we used to do xml in oF with Poco, so it’s kind of a legacy thing. Now it’s done with pugixml i believe.

Hi there!

Been stumbling on the same issue (with of-0.10, MacOS X) but couldn’t resolve it this way.

My addons.make contains this:


and here’s how my ofApp.h starts:

#include "ofxSerial.h"
#include "ofxXmlPoco.h"

though, when building, I get this error:

/Users/bltzr/dev/of_v0.10.0_osx_release/addons/ofxIO/libs/ofxIO/include/ofx/IO/HiddenFileFilter.h:12:10: 'Poco/File.h' file not found

I must have done something wrong, but I can’t figure out what. Any hints ?

Thanks in advance

There is an addon that I used for 0.9.8 to handle the windows modes:

I just tested this with your setup and don’t get any errors. Not sure what’s going on.

Hi Christopher, thanks for taking the time to look into that !

I redid the setup from scratch and had no problem this time.
So there’s definitely something I did wrong the first time.

Sorry about the noise.
And thanks again for the reply!

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