ofxInteractiveSurface - How to

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to do a Multitouch Table with MS Kinect (xbox) and found ofxInteractiveSurface and Mesa Del Tiempo made by PatricioGonzalezVivo.

I’ve tried the examples of ofxInteractiveSurface, but only shows a black screen, or a gradient screen when I press ‘d’.
When I press ‘c’ to calibrate, it seems to do nothing.

I have 2 thoughts about this:

  1. There’s differences in my setup compared to PatricioGonzalezVivo - I’m on Windows 7, OF 0072 with ofxGui borrowed from the dev node on github.
  2. Since there’s no tutorial, it can be totally my mistake.

So, I wanna know if someone got to work this addon, and if could you point me any directions… because I’m totally
lost on this.

I have tried to run mesaDelTiempo, found on PatricioGonzalezVivo’s Github, but no luck either.

On these 2 approaches, it build and runs just fine. The only matter here is the target functionality: autocalibrate the table, projector and kinect… and run any interactive game based on this.

Thanks in advance,