ofxInteractivePrimitives won't run on 0.9.0 [Fixed]

I am trying to run the ofxInteractivePrimitives example project on the latest version of OpenFrameworks (0.9.0). The Context::enableAllEvent() function won’t run, probably because something with the windowing/events system has changed. When I comment out the functions’ content it runs fine, but obviously without any interaction.

The issue seems to be that the ofMainLoop is not referred to correctly somehow, because it is NULL in the debugger.

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I am using OSX 10.11, XCode 7.2, a fresh install of OF v0.9.0, have the current version of the addon. I rebuilt the example with the 0.9.0 project generator.

Any ideas?

I have also filed an issue on the Github page

I found it, the problem was the initiation of the ofxInteractivePrimitives::RootNode object inside testApp.cpp. Replacing it with a pointer and initializing it inside testApp::setup() fixed it. I’ll check the other examples too and make a pull request.