ofxImGui Upgraded - looking4feedback

Hello everybody,

I’ve been making some upgrades to ofxImGui lately and would love to get some feedback before merging them into master.

Long story short, this update now directly binds DearImGui to GLFW instead of binding it to openFrameworks.
This means that the addon will no longer work on any non-glfw ofApp; but that’s become quite rare since RPIs have moved to Glfw since oF0.11.
On the other side, this “unlocks” a lot of new features which are really awesome and take this addon to a new level.

The ImGui library has grown quick and there’s also a huge community with a lot of addons.
Among new features :

  • Viewports : Popping out the GUI seamlessly out of your ofApp window (!)
  • Docking : A customisable GUI layout engine.
  • Controller/Keyboard navigation support, which is awesome in some live situations or on RPIs.
    (The only hitch is that the oF-embedded glfw lib is quite old, providing not-so-nice-yet controller support)
  • New Gui widgets : Columns, Tables, etc.

I’ve also merged some work from various forks that remained unmerged. (thanks to @n3m3da , @moebiussurfing , MacFurax , katotetsuro , and myself )
Most notably :

  • Loading custom fonts. Together with fontawesome this makes the addon even prettier.
  • Support for using ofxImGui from multiple instances. Very useful when multiple ofxAddons need to submit gui elements.
  • Improved ofxImGui::Helpers and oF bindings : Shorter code.
  • New examples and updated examples.

For a more detailed list of changes, please checkout : Merging different forks : Discussion · Issue #1 · Daandelange/ofxImGui · GitHub
For upgrading previous ofApps using ofxImGui, checkout the changelog for details on a few minor breaking changes.

You can check everything out in the examples. If you’ve not checked out (ofx)ImGui for a while, I’d recommend giving it a shot again.

The update is not perfect and there could be some bugs appearing. I’ll leave this issue open for a while to collect some feedback.
Everything is in the ofxImGui develop branch for now.

ofxImGui screenshot