ofxImGui : How to change the title of "Debug" titled window?

How can I change the title of “Debug” window in ofxImGui?I mean for example I want to make that window’s bar name “App” instead of “Debug”, is it possible?

You can use the following to set the initial window properties:

    //set window properties
    static bool no_titlebar = false;
    static bool no_border = true;
    static bool no_resize = true;
    static bool no_move = true;
    static bool no_scrollbar = false;
    static bool no_collapse = true;
    static bool no_menu = true;
    static bool no_settings = true;
    static float bg_alpha = -0.01f; // <0: default
    bool show = true;

    // Demonstrate the various window flags. 
    // Typically you would just use the default.
    ImGuiWindowFlags window_flags = 0;
    if (no_titlebar)  window_flags |= ImGuiWindowFlags_NoTitleBar;
    if (!no_border)   window_flags |= ImGuiWindowFlags_ShowBorders;
    if (no_resize)    window_flags |= ImGuiWindowFlags_NoResize;
    if (no_move)      window_flags |= ImGuiWindowFlags_NoMove;
    if (no_scrollbar) window_flags |= ImGuiWindowFlags_NoScrollbar;
    if (no_collapse)  window_flags |= ImGuiWindowFlags_NoCollapse;
    if (!no_menu)     window_flags |= ImGuiWindowFlags_MenuBar;
    if (no_settings) window_flags |= ImGuiWindowFlags_NoSavedSettings;

    ImGui::Begin("My Title", &show, ImVec2(myWidth, myHeight), bg_alpha, window_flags);

Thanks for your answer.My main problem was actually,when I run the app a “Debug” titled window was being created firstly (although I wrote ImGui::Begin("My title"),) and next to it there would be a “My title” titled window.

Today I discovered that I was either forgetting usingImGui::End() at the end ofImGui::Begin(...) ... or I was just writing ImGui::End without function parantheses.Now I recognized my error and it doesn’t create the “Debug” titled window automatically.

I also tried what you suggested and it is a nice additional information for me, to disable the titlebar,resizing etc… Thanks :slight_smile: