Ofxilda draw circle

I’ve just tested ofxilda from Memo Atken via EtherDream DAC on MAC and it works perfectly, thank you! Unfortunately I’m not able to draw a simple circle without big dot on start and end of the circle line… It looks fine on display, but at ildaframe in laser it always appear.
any suggestion how to do it without these dots, pls?

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what kind of laser are you using ?

… ilda laser CS-400 RGY with fast galvo system for well projection quality, appx. 25000pps…similar to this: http://www.55.sk/product/7157/cs-400-rgy-laserworld-sk

Hi, it’s typics and normal bug of laser,
for each point you send a RGB color, but laser take few point to change the color,
if you draw a line and move then draw a other line the laser don’t have to time to shut down the beam between to drawing.
to avoid this trouble laser software add some point at the end en start of each polyline.
you have to parameter on the really nice addones

float blankCount; // how many blank points to send at path ends
float endCount; // how many end repeats to send

you can adjust to add more or less point

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yop, it works! thank you! i did this: ildaFrame.params.output.endCount = 29;
and the end point disappeared, but the first point is still there… to be continue…)

hi,initi,i can not draw the circle by ofxilda,can you help me?