Hi all,

I’m running out of solutions - trying to send a file to a server using ofxHttpUtils.
Locally ( under max osx using Mamp ), and with one server It’s working fine, but with another server is just returning me an empty request.

Some servers seems to not like Chunked-Transfer encoding when no Content-Length information is set in the HTML header request.

I’ve had some talks with server support but everything looks fine…

So, I know It’s not totally OF related, but maybe some of you ran into this very similar problem ?

So my questions are ( randomly ) :

  • First, someone here has been through this issue?
  • In order to do some other tries, do someone know how to force Poco to not use chunked-encoding when sending a file and use content-length instead ?
  • Seeing this thread in poco forum http://tinyurl.com/5wq9dy9 , I would like to try to compile the Poco Library from source. Is that hard/recommended to compile PocoNet from source with xCode?

Many thanks!

when dealing with file transfer, i resort to command line interface tools. it keeps me from wasting time thinking about network protocols :slight_smile:

i’ve had a lot of luck with curl (which is installed on osx by default). first, save the file you want to transfer. then hop into the terminal to figure out what command you need to transfer the file to the server. then go back to OF and add system("curl whatever " + filename); to your app.


I can’t believe this is actually happening.
It’s just working great !
That’s a very great tip and I’ll try to definitely look more over the terminal command.

Thank you very very much !

And just for info, this very simple command did the trick

curl -F file=@filepath serveradress

Milles mercis!