I’m trying to get companje’s version of ofxHttpServer (https://github.com/companje/ofxHttpServer)

working in visual studio (10 or 12) and I keep getting these errors:

I have set up my project to include the microhttp lib and src, plus the actual addon src.

I then overwrote the code in the main, testapp cpps, and testapp.h

I’m a total beginner when it comes to open frameworks.

have you tried my version? i haven’t updated it in a while but should be working:


I did… I got exactly the same errors…
There are no such methods in the actual class indeed.
I imagine it must be some external library which is causing the problems.

Did I mention, I was trying the example code?

there was a problem in the example, it’s working now

Thank you… the code seems fine now, however I’m getting some errors in the microhttpd library:

Do I need to recompile it on my own machine?

I’m running windows7 x64

the problem is those files are c instead of c++ so you’ll probably need to set some setting in vs to tell it to compile them as c

also this addon:


would probably be easier to compile in vs since it doesn’t rely on any external libraries except for poco which is already in the core