[OfxHttpServer] crash on mutex

Hello everybody, i have a problem with ofxHttpServer.
I would like to create a basic server for receive post request. So for this, i have my simple server class :

    // .h
	/// \brief A simple file server implementation.
	class SimpleServer : public BaseServer_<BaseServerSettings, SimpleSessionStore>

		/// \brief Create a SimpleServer with the provided Settings.
		/// \param settings The Settings used to configure the server.
		SimpleServer(const BaseServerSettings& settings = BaseServerSettings());

		/// \brief Destroy the BasicServer.
		virtual ~SimpleServer();

		virtual void setup(const BaseServerSettings& settings);

    // .cpp
	SimpleServer::SimpleServer(const BaseServerSettings& settings) :
		BaseServer_<BaseServerSettings, SimpleSessionStore>(settings)




	void SimpleServer::setup(const BaseServerSettings& settings)
		BaseServer_<BaseServerSettings, SimpleSessionStore>::setup(settings);

Compile is fine, but, on constructor i crash in mutex

And i have no idea why.

I include all lib from poco in visual studio, and add path in right place. So i don’t know if my problem is code or settings of my project. Someone can help me please ?

Have a nice day

I’m not sure what kind of server you are trying to create, but ofxHTTP has server implementations that should currently be working w/ Visual Studio. Check out the POST server example.

Hello bakercp, yes i try this sample, but i have the same crash when i execute :frowning:

Have you tried the latest nightly builds for visual studio?

not yet, i will try this soon

I have the same issue, crash :frowning: