ofxHTTP - serving files outside of the DocumentRoot

I’m using @bakercp ofxHTTP addon to serve files – is it possible to serve files outside of the DocumentRoot without using symbolic links?

If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be super helpful!

The DocumentRoot approach is meant to help keep things more secure (i.e. you don’t want a http client to be able to send arbitrary paths via the URI). You can change the location of the document root to any location with settings.setDocumentRoot(YOUR_DIR). I suppose that theoretically you could set it to wherever you like. The advantage of using the existing FileSystemRoute is that it handles missing files, automatically serves 404 pages, etc.

That said, you can create any custom route you want by extending BaseRoute_<YourCustomRouteSettingsHere>

Thanks @bakercp! I actually want to keep DocumentRoot as is and allow access to other parts of the filesystem that are not underneath DocumentRoot. In my system, I already have a server set up for another task and hoping to use the same server to send files that are located outside of DocumentRoot to a simple client loader (without symbolic links). Does the ofxHTTP add on have the capability to map URLs to specific filesystem locations similar to Alias?