ofxHTTP Json Server Sent Event

Hi all
I try to get server sent events using ofxHTTP.

The server sends events like:
event: userlogon\n
data: {“username”: “John123”}\n\n

I do it like in the basic client example:

std::string url = "http://localhost:8080/events";
ofx::HTTP::DefaultClient client;
ofx::HTTP::Context context;
ofx::HTTP::BaseResponse response;
ofx::HTTP::GetRequest request(url, Poco::Net::HTTPMessage::HTTP_1_1);

    // Execute the request and get the response stream.
    std::istream& responseStream = client.execute(request,
    // Request and response headers can be examined here.
    // Copy the output to the terminal.
    Poco::StreamCopier::copyStream(responseStream, std::cout);
    // Flush the input stream.
    std::cout << std::endl;

That gives me some updates in the console but not in realtime and not the full messages.
I also tried it like in the example_basic_client_loader
there i get progress notifications, but i don’t understand how to get the data there.
All i basically want is listen to http://localhost:8080/events and get a notification and the data when a \n\n is coming in.

I also tried it with ofLoadURL() but there i just get a spinning beachball. I guess, i should use some sort of non blocking technique but i don’t understand how to do that.

can someone put me in the right direction here? thanks!