ofxHapPlayer - ffmpeg 5 compatibility

Since ffmpeg 5 depreciated some functions, ofxHapPlayer no longer compiles.

Is it possible to use the libs included in the addon instead of those of my system?
Or to use those of ffmpeg 4 also installed on my system (manjaro) ?



  1. Whats your platform?

  2. What’s your compilation of FFmpeg?

  3. Yes you should be able to do that.

  4. You should also be able to compile FFmpeg with Hap compatibility: --enable-libsnappy as seen here, depending on your platform and flags used, the cmake command will be different, but you just add this flag and you should be good to go.

Let me know if this helps,



thanks for your reply,
I finally managed to compile by changing the path of the lib avformat in the AudioDecoder.cpp for the one included with the addon.

#include "../../../../libs/ffmpeg/include/libavformat/avformat.h"
//#include <libavformat/avformat.h>

I also had to change my compiler to clang instead of gcc due to some errors.
not sure if it’s a clean solution but it works, especially since I don’t need the audio.

I’m on Manjaro and use the ffmpeg on the official repositories.
Thanks for the help.