ofxHapPlayer example for Code::Blocks

Are there any examples of Code::Blocks projects with ofxHapPlayer online? I can’t even get an empty project created with the project generator to compile when adding the addon. I installed the codec using the installer and running the installer again I only get the option to uninstall.

Is there anything special you need to do to get it to compile on Windows 7?

Thanks, any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have quicktime installed? hap requires quicktime and 32 bit builds so make sure that you have both of those. Did you install the directshow codec because currently ofxHapPlayer only supports the quicktime codecs

Yep, I have QuickTime installed and I can play QuickTime-movies from openFrameworks so that seems to be working. My issue is that the project wont build. It currently stops at the HapSupport.c file complaining about the HapQTCodecIsAvailable-function. Since that file is unmodified I am assuming that I have configured the project or the compile settings wrong somehow.

32-bit builds of what exactly? Of openFrameworks? QuickTime? Windows? This could maybe be the issue.

I was referring to openframeworks since Hap only works with 32 bit though I doubt that is the problem. Can you elaborate what the error or complaint is?

The Windows computer is on site and right now I am not (it all works fine on my Mac I should add). But code::blocks highlights one line and gives a red error printout for another line that is roughly “‘error’ true used for the first time in this function”.

This makes me think that the compiler somehow thinks this file is something else than it should. But my Windows and Code::Blocks experience is obviously lacking here.

Looks like a known bug with codeblocks https://github.com/bangnoise/ofxHapPlayer/issues/8
the solution is in that issue too it was just never patched

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Thank you for digging that up for me! You’ve been really helpful mate.

No problem, I’m working on the directshow implementation of the ofxHapPlayer so I remember seeing that issue in passing

Interesting, I’ll make sure to look into that project as well. I’m no expert but it seems like moving away from QuickTime on Windows would be a good idea.

Thats definitely the case since quicktime is only 32 bit and no longer maintained by apple. They abandoned it on their own platform in favor of AVFoundation. OF 0.9.0 saw a shift over to 64 bit so we’ve had to rely more on the system video libraries which has its own benefits though quicktime is still one of the most robust ones out there