ofxHapPlayer ASIO crash

I have a project that is playing back some Hap files with audio. All is fine with the inbuilt sound card however, when I install the MOTU soundcard drivers (which install ASIO drivers), my app crashes when the videos are loaded. Even when the soundcard is not plugged in.

It seems if the Hap videos have no audio stream they will play back.

Has anyone else come across this issue?

On the latest version of ofxHapPlayer, there is not support for multiple files with audio. Are you using that one?

You can try the 0.9 version. It’s Quicktime based, but you need old versions of Xcode and MacOS SDK.

If you are using ASIO, I guess you are on windows. You can try this addon:

it worked well for me, you may need to alter your encoding process.

There is a Tag for OF 0.1.0 here: https://github.com/secondstory/ofxDSHapVideoPlayer/tree/v1.0.0

As the original repo has not been updated for some time, this fork may be a another place to start if you dont get the above version working:

Hello, @fresla! I’ve been having trouble with audio not playing in ofxHapPlayer so I want to try the ofxDSHapVideoPlayer, but the links to the renderheads hap/directshow stuff are dead. Know where I can get it?

Try here?