ofxGuiExtended Examples

i tried the namespace approach, but still has some issues. i definately understand not wanting to change/redo it after doing so much. i have found a way and i can use your examples to guide me. thanks again for them.

Thanks! Showing and hiding panels is working great with your code. I wish openFrameworks had better docs! I’ll try to chip in once I’ve got a better understanding of things.

@clem This is my part of missing docs, not OFs fault. I know the documentation is not optimal right now, sorry. Perhaps I will add an how-to-page. Documenting all functions will take a while and I am focusing on removing bugs right now. Step by step :slight_smile:

Ideas for improvements (also about the bigger picture / concept) are very welcome.

@frauzufall It’s all great so far!
Ideas for improvements are more elements to choose from:

2D Pad
Image Color Sampler (with optional alpha slider/knob)
Number Dial
Moving Graph
Waveform Graph
Spectrum Graph

You can check out https://github.com/braitsch/ofxDatGui or https://github.com/jvcleave/ofxImGui for some examples. And I like the way ofxDatGui’s “Time Graphs” have a setSpeed() method.

Big Picture idea, on a purely selfish level for me, would be if you combined ofxGuiExtended and ofxMasterSlaveControl into the one addon with a patch bay interface connecting elements, with min/max ranges automatically mapped!

Good list. I’d love to have scrollbars too, if someone else wants to write that :smiley:

[Just a note, ofxMasterSlaveControl should already map the min/max values according to the parameters settings.]

@frauzufall Down the track it would also be good to allow individual left/top/right/bottom border colours. And maybe to allow element colours to be changed on mouse-over and mouse-down.

@frauzufall getVisible() works great on panels but is there an equivalent to hide the whole gui?

gui.getVisible() is now included (was a bit hidden before).

@frauzufall I really like the tabs!

How do I get the selected index of a tab? Furthermore, How would I preselect a specific tab?

Thanks :slight_smile: You can use these functions:

void setActiveTab(int index);
ofParameter<int> &getActiveTabIndex();
Element * getActiveTab();

So in order to preselect a tab:


And to get current tab index:


You can also use the magic of ofParameter and add a listener to the tab changing:

tabs->getActiveTabIndex().addListener(this, &ofApp::tabChanged);
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Thank you @frauzufall.

Just to help out another beginner like me…

void ofApp::setup(){
tabs->getActiveTabIndex().addListener(this, &ofApp::tabChanged);

activeTabNumber = 3;

void ofApp::tabChanged(int & p){
cout << "Current Selected Tab: " << p << endl;

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hi frauzufall,

i have just downloaded and installed the latest master branch of oF from github. the examples ar working, so i know it was successful, but i am trying to run examples from ofxDatGui and even though i have the libs/json folder, ofxGuiElement cannot find “ofJson.h.”

i’ve used the project generator to update all the examples and have all the correct addons for this project.

is there anything else i need to do?


I’m having the same problem - spent a day trying to get this to work…

No Json.hpp found… I have the master branch but it is not there.

The documentation for this addon says it does not depend on anything else. Please could someone explain how to get this working. thanks very much.

same problem here. I am not using the OF github branch… just 0.9.8 with Sierra