Hi, have a few questions about ofxGui.

I am using the parameter sync at the moment. It is quite cool but if on one machine I reload the parameters from disk it does not update the second machine. It would be great if it did as it allows you to save settings easily, or is there update I am missing.

It is a useful utility but maybe the load and save functions are only link to parameter changes from the gui as if you have 2 units with saved settings they will conflict. Without save and load though I find the gui much less useful.

One of my apps is on IOS. I also cannot get settings loading and saving working here- I tried to add the settings.xml file to my copy files build phase in the ios project and when hit the save I do not get any errors but the settings cannot be recalled. I also get this error for the font but I assume I just have to manually specify the font and location

[ error ] ofTrueTypeFont: loadFontFace(): couldn’t create new face for “”: FT_Error 2 unknown freetype

Cheers for any advice