ofxGui with 0.061 runtime error

i don’t know if anybody runs into the same problem with ofxGui and the OF 0.061 version:
I tried to compile CCV (which uses the ofxGui addon code) under OF 0.061 but my application always chrashes. After a long debugging session i found the problem that seems to break almost all code with ofxGui.
In the ofUtils class there is a change in the ofToDataPath method with some new added code in the if clause (

&&  path.substr(1,1)  

As most of the time you wanna create a Button with ofxGui you initialize it without a path to a Imagefile, but then you run into problems with the substr(1,1) . So you can’t call this function with an empty string! (I thing this should be changed :wink: )
Has nobody else the same problems?

I have ofxGui working fine on my Quase-Cinema project, building on OF 0.061 (source code and XCode/code:blocks projects available within full download at www.quasecinema.org).

It uses ofxGui files from August,2008.

Could be running ok because I create the sliders from a XML file.

Hi Alexandre,

I checked your code and it seems that there are some different versions of ofxGUI floating around:
The code from stiwi http://www.alphakanal.de/static/files/ofxGui.zip has an ‘SWITCH’ type that you use in your code.
The code from CCV and the newest file from simongeilfus
(http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/gui-wish-list/461/0 ) has no SWITCH :slight_smile: