ofxGui throws exception when debugging in Code::Blocks

Hi. I’m working on a project and just succeeded in setting up debugging in Code::Blocks. (-U__STRICT_ANSI__ in extra compiler options made it work at last).

Now using ofxGui throws an exception as soon as I’m hovering with the mouse over any gui elements. This is true even when running the examples (guiExample.workspace for example). The debugger halts at the ofEventAttendedException() in the following function, inside ofDelegate.h

bool notify(const void* sender, TArgs& arguments)
		Poco::Mutex::ScopedLock lock(_mutex);
		if (_receiverObject)
			if(	!(_receiverObject->*_receiverMethod)(arguments))
				return true;
				throw ofEventAttendedException();
		return false;

Any ideas?

that is correct but the exception shouldn’t stop the program. perhaps the debugger is set to stop the execution on any exception. telling it to continue should work

Ok. Thanks for the answer.
Is there then maybe perhaps a way to tell the debugger to ignore certain exceptions? I know you can tell it to ignore all exceptions, but i gather it would be preferable to have the debugger react to other exceptions than this particular one.