ofxGui theming issue

I’ve noticed some strange behaviour in ofxGui…
If I have the following Gui…


and then open up a colour group, and close it again, then I end up with the selected colour as the header’s background colour:


I can see how that could be useful, but sometimes it just makes the Gui look ugly. If this is a feature rather than a bug, is there a simple way to disable it?

While I’m at it, it would be great if there were more ways to theme the Gui. :slight_smile: For example, is there an easy way to do any of the following…

  1. stop the awkward looking indentation of groups?
  2. give panels, groups, headers and sliders, the option of having rounded corners?
  3. make the whole header clickable to expand collapsed groups rather than having to click on the “+” sign ?
  4. customise the load and save icons (which look ridiculous if I change the default height)?

Not much of an answer, but I suggest looking into https://github.com/jvcleave/ofxImGui, which is way more advanced and flexible.
Here you can find the latest stable releases: https://github.com/jvcleave/ofxImGui/releases/ .

If you don’t know where to start with it check this readme which contains a very simple “getting started” example.

Cheers @vvzen. Yes, I’ve been using ofxGuiExtended, which offers some cool features and was thinking of giving ofxImGui a go but I think it would be nice to have a ‘default’ theme for openFrameworks that looks a bit more slick as the examples all use ofxGui! There are some existing options that are not exposed to users, such as element spacing, etc.

@arturo Is this a bug or a feature?

a feature, i think it’s useful when you have several colors assigned in one program to see the whole thing quickly. if you want to send a PR to disable it optionally i wouldn’t be opposed to merge it though

about the rest:

  1. if you have a better idea to represent groups and want to start an issue on github with a mockup to discuss if it’s a better option then send a PR once it’s accepted, that would be welcome

  2. Same thing, but performance is really important and round corners can be expensive to render if not done properly

  3. yeah this would be great to have fixed

  4. yes, this is not only an aesthetic problem but also a usability one, wouldn’t be too hard to add functions to customize them

As others have said though ofxGuiExtended and other guis, have much better customization features than ofxGui which is supposed to be a quick, fast and easy way to add a debug gui, and style customization is not priority number one really

Thanks. I’ll see if I can figure out 3 and 4 and give 1 a thought. Not fussed about 2.

@arturo I’ve got 3 & 4 sorted. Have just created a pull request for 3 (clickable group headers). If you can confirm that I’ve followed the right process for contributing, I’ll create an issue and pull request for 4 (custom load/save icons) as well.