ofxGui setup, need help setting up a static ui

Hi, Im trying to implement a simple ui using the ofxPanel but not sure how to/if its possible to add spacing between the widgets and is it possible to disable the panel movement as you can drag it around using mouseclick by default.


Hi, I you dont want to be able to drag the panel around use an ofxGuiGroup instead of ofxPanel. Everything will work in the same way, as ofxPanel extends ofxGuiGroup and adds the draging feature you dont want.
As for the spacing in between widgets there is none for that specifically. you can try ofxDatGui which gives a lot more options and it has both features you’re asking for.

I see, Im not really familiar with ofxGuiGroup or ofxDatGui tbh, but definitely gonna look into these. And they sound like they would require extra addons, would they?

Anyways tnx a lot for the help, i have kind of fixed my issue in what can be said, not the most clever way but for now it’s working. So ill definitely have to look into your suggestion cuz ui looks matter.

ofxGuiGroup is part of ofxGui, thus you dont need any extra addon.
ofxDatGui is an addon you need to install but it gives you a lot more options for customization.
Also worth looking is ofxImGui
go to ofxaddons.com and you’ll find these as well as others.