ofxGui Mojave + Xcode 10 bug?

I’m having an error with the new OSX Mojave and Xcode 10 running oF 0.9.8 specifically with ofxGui

I’m able to compile everything no problem by changing my plist camera permissions and modifying my minimum versions etc. however now, whenever I make a change to anything relating to my ofxPanel like adding a new ofParameter to it I get a runtime EXC_BAD_ACCESS error at line 23 of ofxGuiGroup within my gui.setup() call.

This happens if I add a listener to an existing ofParameter, if I add a new parameter to my ofxPanel via the add method or if I just change my setup call from the 2 parameter overload to the 0 parameter overload.

The only way for me to get rid of the error is to do a clean build of the project which is obviously time consuming.

Does anyone have any insight in to what might be causing this? I’ve add links some screenshots of the call stack as well as relevant code snippets.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

can you try compiling in legacy mode ?

  • File, then Project Settings or Workspace Settings.
  • Select Legacy Build System from the Build System dropdown.


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Hi Zach,

That indeed solved my issue! Thanks a million :blush:

Any idea what the problem with the new build system is?


Hi Bentley - if you could test our patch release that would be helpful:

HI Theo,

I will today as soon as I’m with my computer!


Hi Theo,

So I ported my project over to this newest patched oF. the project was originally developed in oF 0.9.7 so I had a few compile errors in my main.cpp file which I resolved just due to that update but after running the project generator over this project and including the ofxGui addon I was able to compile this using the New Build System!

Can confirm it’s working!


Also I can confirm that it does not rebuild openFrameworks every time I build my application.


Hey all,

Surprisingly I’m getting a similar error again when initializing my GUI using the same build that Theo linked. It seems to happen when I add a new field to my ofApp object (doesn’t have to be an ofParameter, can be anything like a bool)

the problem goes away if I use the Legacy build system.

will post more details shortly.