ofxGui How to minimze parameter group

Hello. Am new to openFrameworks and sure there is a simple solution for this but I can’t work out how to use the minimize() function in ofxGui…

Essentially I have set up a load of parameter groups that relate to individual scenes and added them to a GUI. When I select a certain scene I am looking to minimize all other parameter groups apart from that of the selected scene. Have included some snippets of code below so hopefully it makes a bit more sense:

//****** SCENE 1 GUI CONTROLS ********//
	scene_01.setName("SCENE 01");
	scene_01.add(sc1_sampleScale.set("sample scale", sc1_sampleScale, 0.0, 1000));


void ofApp::keyPressed(int key) {

	switch (key)
	case '1':
		myScene = SCENE_1;

As you can see above i have tried (scene_n.minimize() and gui.sceen_n.minimize() etc.) but am obviously missing something or misunderstanding how to implement the function.

Sorry if the code shows up weird, not sure how to embed it properly…


you need to recover the group by name like:

gui.getGroup("SCENE 01").minimize();

Thank you Arturo. Much appreciated :slight_smile: