ofxGui.h: No such file or directory

I am trying to implement some simple GUI on Android. But ofxGui can not be found by the complier.
Is there anything special I should do before compiling?

Thanks in advance.

you need to add ofxGui in addons.make if your project doesn’t have such file just create an empty one and add a line with the name of the addon, it works the same for any addon

Thanks Arturo , I had already solved this issues a moment ago. I have noticed that the AndroidGUIExample do not use the same kind of ofApp that is used for Android in the other samples. Is there anything that I should do in order to draw some GUI elements?
Right now I am not able to show any part of the GUI.

does the androidGUIExample work for you? the ofApp should be the same as other examples, probably i forgot to change it from ofBaseApp to ofApp but it shouldn’t matter