ofxGui causing low framerate on RPi3 B+

Hi everyone!
My first post here, I’m a new OF user.
I’m working on a video feedback application for a device based on the raspberry pi3 b+, but I noticed my FPS dropping from 60 to 9 when i draw the ofxGui (which is rather basic really: no more than 5 sliders and a toggle).

Is there any way around this? Wonder why something so simple would cause such a drastic drop in performance.
Also I noticed the cpu usage goes to 0% when the framerate is low :thinking:
Maybe I’m just doing something stupid, please forgive me in that case! I’ve tried searching but found nothing

if you feel adventurous you can try this interface

it draws everything into an FBO and it only redraw elements when needed.
I’ve been using it on RPI 3

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