ofxGtkPod - A wrapper for libgpod, GNU's iPod library

I recently found on the Cydia repository (I jailbroke my iPod Touch) a library called libgpod, which contains the core functionality of the gtk-pod project for Linux/Gtk users. So I thought what I’d do was take the C functions, wrap them in a nice set of C++ wrapper classes, and package it for OF iPhone development. I am assuming it will work when completed, as I have taken the library and include files directly off of my iPod’s filesystem. I will attach a zip file when it’s done.

PS. I’m writing this (and developing the app) completely off of my iPod Touch.

That sounds pretty cool. I haven’t gotten into the jailbroken stuff at all. It seems pretty powerful though. This is a bit tangential but you’re developing the app on your iPod touch? Does that mean you can compile? Or is there just a code editor? Or what? That in particular sounds pretty exciting

Well, I’m using some of the many free text editors for editing (sucks not having intellisense or code highlighting, but oh well), primarily gTxtEdit and iFile’s built-in editor, and for compiling (drumroll please)…

I’m using the GNU C/C++ Compiler. The Darwin/ARM7 version of GCC is a free download off of Cydia, from Saurik’s repository as well. They even have a platform-specific version of GNU Portable Threads (pthreads)!

If you want, I can zip the GCC package off of my iPod and attach it here, so you can all start compiling C/C++ for the iPhone. The only real unfortunate thing is, as of right now and to the extent of my knowledge, the C++ Standard Template Library is not included (which probably shouldn’t be that hard to re-implement for some codeheads out there), and I’m not really sure if it’s possible to hook into Objective-C or into the Interface Builder stuff (.MM files and whatnot) for compiling.

That would be a truly worthy project for anyone with experience with cross-platform compilers and Objective-C/Interface Builder/XCode Projects/etc.

Also, anyone with an iPhone/iPod Touch and Windows might want to check this out: