Hey to the OF people!

Wanted to announce that I have just pushed a first iteration of ofxGstVideoSyncPlayer – an addon aiming at playing back videos in sync over the network by using GStreamer network clocks.

The idea is that there is a master instance running on one machine and then you can subsequently start slave instances on different machines that will sync with this master instance.

It has been tested and developed so far under Xubuntu 14.04 and OS X 10.8.5 so no Windows testing for now but in theory it should also work there.

Right now basic functionality is supported like play - pause - loop but there are a few rough edges that will have to be tested / refined and also functionality missing like seeking and so on.

This should be considered WIP and I am bringing it here in the hope that more people with GStreamer experience can be involved so that we can work together towards a robust synced distributed video player.

Enjoy and stay synced!