I am looking to stream content generated from an OF application. Searching the forums I have found an example by auturo that provides an extension, ofxGstVideoRecorder, that looks like it does what I am looking for.

I have worked my way through many of the depandancies to get it to compile and link but now I am stuck.

  1. I am using code::blocks on Windows.
  2. I have downloaded OF 007 from git hub.
  3. I have installed the gstreamer sdk for windows.
  4. I am using the code for ofxGstVideoRecorder from the zip file attached to this message http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/gstreamer-advanced-utils-or-how-to-stream-an-of-app/3177/11.

I am getting an error on line 24 of ofxGstVideoRecorder.h: “error: expected class-name before ‘{’ token”. I believe this is because ofGstUtils.h has not been included and therefore class ofGstUtils isn’t defined.

When I add an #included for ofGstUtils.h I get an error on line 28 of ofxGstVideoRecorder.cpp that bLoaded is private. Looking at ofGstUtil.h I see that this is in fact the case as on line 70 it falls under private.

I realize that the ofxGstVideoRecorder extension was written a year or so ago and that ofGstUtils.h may have changed but based on reading through the threads that does not seem to be the case.

Help from anyone that has this extension working on Windows would be greatly appreciated.


Rockville, MD

yes, ofGstUtils is now ofGstVideoUtils, the api should be more or less the same.