ofxGSTT and missing ofSoundBuffer

I am trying to create a program that uses the chrome workaround to get text from speech.

I have all appropriate libraries for this (lib sockets, json, ssl, gstt) but now I get an error: unknown type name ‘ofSoundBuffer’

I see from this question: Help trying to run master branch

that ofsoundbuffer is part of of_9.0.

Do I have to compile the entirety of the latest version of open frameworks (from the master doohickey) to get these missing files, or can I just copy them into open frameworks?

Never mind, I found the latest nightly build, and it fails to compile because ‘curl_rule_01’ declared as an array with a negative size

I just can’t use ofxGSTT for my purposes. I was trying this on the yosemite 10.10 and Xcode.