ofxGstRTP windows VS 2015/17

I am trying to get ofxGstRTP running on windows with the current master of OF from github. I think I have fixed everything and it is now compiling, but I am having problems loading the libs for ofxNice (at least that is what I think the problem is). It seems they were built for an older version of visual studios and they are 32 bit

Compiling in 64 bit I get unresolved external symbol gst_nice_src_get_type and 54 others with the same pattern, all seemingly functions from nice and xmpp.

When I compile in 32 bit I get a much clearer error and only two

The object or library file '..\..\..\addons\ofxNice\libs\libnice\lib\vs\gstnice.lib' was created with an older compiler than other objects; rebuild old objects and libraries

I am not really sure what to do next, mabe somone has some pointers.

I am guessing I should recompile lib nice for my version of visual studio (I’m still on 2015). However this seems to be 32 bit only? Or maybe I am wrong. If it is 32 bit does that mean I can only compile my app at 32 bit and all my other libraries (gstreamer) also have to be 32 bit?

Any tips on getting this to work?

Or maybe someone has gone down this route already and has ofxNice and ofxGstRTP working for windows already.