ofxGstRTP libNice

I am sure I am not the only one looking at remote solutions for installations and performances these days. I had used ofxGstRTP a long time ago and it was great, I wanted to see if I could revive it. So far it is coming along well I had to provide 64 bit libs (I am starting with OSX catalina :)). I managed to do this for everything but the libnice extensions for gstreamer - I have libnice dylibs, but I am missing the libs that contain:


I am guessing that these were part of the gstnice.a lib

It would be great to know if I am at least right or wrong in that assumption. If I am then the work I need to do is just compiling libnice with the gstreamer option.

I dont see any up to date forks for ofxNice, but maybe someone has either compiled libnice (I am getting stuck with this) or can give me a few pointers into how I can do this with the gstreamer part (the instructions are very slim and I don’t know how to configure it to do this)


So the lib needed is part of gstreamer and on OSX can be found in the gstreamer installation (I grabbed it from the gstreamer.framework. It has changed names and is now libgstnice.dylib.

By any chance, could you share where you found the files for libnice?
I’m trying to use ofxGstRTP as well, and I think Im also having problems with the ofxNice library files. According to the error shown in the image below, it seems that the libraries are not for 64bit. I’m still using OSX mojave, but it seems Xcode 10 does not support building 32bit apps?

From what I understand, you found the 64bit library files in /Library/Frameworks/GStreamer.framework and are replacing those with the ones in the ofxNice libs folder? And you couldn’t find the replacement for gstnice.a but found the name has changed to libgstnice.dylib? Would it be ok just to change the lib files in Finder, or would I need to find another way?

Hey, I need to look over my stuff, but if you want a shortcut to the end of the story: I couldn’t make ofxgstRTP to work. I could compile it and all the add-ons and most of the examples. The issue is in the ofxXmpp add-on. It seems a lot of details have changed in the talk servers since the implementation. It also does not seem compatible with other services as far as I could tell.

Thank you for the reply! I gave up on ofxGstRTP, and tried ofxSquashBuddies, which compiled but didn’t work for me. But it was updated till september 2018, so I’m trying to give this library a shot later on.
It uses ofxAsio and ofxSquash, which I have never used seperately, but the ofxSquash has various compression/decompression features, so if I can’t get ofxSquashBuddies to work, I’m planning to use ofxUDPmanager with ofxSquash and try to transfer compressed data.