ofxGStreamer in codeblocks


So I ran into the jerky playback issue of the Quicktime library under windows. I found ofxGStreamer (thx Arturo). I followed the instructions of the plugin, installed everything and created a new project afterwards with the project generator. The paths included in the addon_config.mk appear in “build options > search directories > compiler”. The libraries of gstreamer are not linked.

I can’t compile the addon basic example. I get a lot of errors (see below). So my question is: what should I do know (a bit under time pressure)

  • Try to link extra libraries (please give me some hints)
  • Go and compile Gstreamer by myself with mingw and then try again.
  • Ditch the ofxStreamer addon because it still needs development to work with CodeBlocks.


windows 8
OF: 8.+

a small part of the errors:

obj\Debug\libs\openFrameworks\video\ofGstUtils.o: In function `gst_sample_unref':
C:/Libraries/gstreamer/1.0/x86/include/gstreamer-1.0/gst/gstsample.h:96: undefined reference to `gst_mini_object_unref'
obj\Debug\libs\openFrameworks\video\ofGstUtils.o: In function `gst_query_unref':
C:/Libraries/gstreamer/1.0/x86/include/gstreamer-1.0/gst/gstquery.h:235: undefined reference to `gst_mini_object_unref'

yes this addon still doesn’t work in codeblocks, only in visual studio