ofxGranularSynth- Audio Synthesizer in openFrameworks

Here below you can find a link to listen to my Granular Synthesizer in openFrameworks.

There are several parameters such as the grain length, blank and overlap. Also I added a delay effect in the chain.
I hope you’ll enjoy it,

Don’t hesitate to give me your feedback and comments. :smile:



Awesome! and you have a good taste.
I have been waiting for like this addon.

I set the absolute path and it works.

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Looks amazing ! Very nice job @luds !!

I’m trying to test it with OF 09 and Xcode 7.01 … and i’m getting some errors …
I’ve tried to fix it but i can’t …
Any tips ?

This is the error …

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Sorry for the late answer, I tried today and it worked.
It seems that the architecture you selected in XCode isn’t right…

You can modify that there:

Thanks for the comments and let me you if you make it work!