ofxGrafica: add interactive plots and histograms to your OF apps


I would like to announce a new addon that you can use to add simple plots and histograms in your apps.

You can download it and try the examples here:

Let me know if you have problems using it or you have any suggestions to improve it!



Hi Javier,
I am thinking about trying it out :slight_smile:
I would like to know in which “programming context” you use it; i.e., since I assume you use it in a program which has a GUI - I wonder which library/addon you are using for the GUI part?

Thanks :slight_smile:

… and additionally: Have you tried if it will work with the latest oF 0.10 release? I am just about to set up oF, so I cannot try myself yet - and if it doesn’t work, I won’t know if it is because of a setup problem or because of a version incompatibility :slight_smile:

Hi Finn! Sorry that I reply to you so late.

The addon was not working with the latest OF release (0.10.0), but I fixed it today with my latest commit.
Please, give it a try.

I haven’t used yet any GUI together with ofxGrafica, but I don’t think it will be a problem. The best way to know is just to give it a try :wink:

To use the addOn, copy the whole folder inside the OF addons folder.
To test the examples, copy their folders inside the apps/myApps directory and copy the config.make and Makefile files from apps/myApps/emptyExample inside the example folder. After that, you only need to type
make RunRelease

Let me know if you find problems!

hello, jagracar I am trying to use but I have no result I am in VS2017 in windows, you could help me to occupy ofxGrafica, thanks in advance, I want to occupy your tool for a simulation of a particle system of a monoatomic gas in 2D and it is necessary to graph the variables, pressure, temperature, since the volume is constant.

Hi Nicolas,

I need more details to be able to help you.

Did you install the addon? Did you try the examples? Do they work on your system?

yes, add the folder ofxGrafica to addons, try to test the examples using projectGenerator but I could not make it run, then try to copy the code of the examples to a clean file I got an error in ofxGLayer.cpp on line 209 I did not mark max and I could not fix it.

How could we solve that?

now is working on VS2017, with the new commits

do you think the addon should be usefull to realtime plots? or it’s more recommended to offline data plotting?
i mean something wath https://github.com/armadillu/ofxHistoryPlot does

I think it should work fine, provided that you remove old points at the same time that you add them.

Something like it is done in the movingPoints example:

jagracar I’m going to try again, thanks for answering.