ofxGPIO Update example

Add two new example:

OLED 128x64 i2c:

Compass HMC5883L:


add example-i2c-scanner for detect address.
add Class LogHighLight for output color.
add Class kalman-filter for MPU and Compass for filtering data.

Hi, I want to use your addon ofxGpio with a project using an SPI ADC- the MPC3008, I see you have an SPI example, but how can I get access to all 8 channels of input?

this example can be useful, the MCP class is a SPI clone to facilitate interface with MCPx integrate. the variable:

int a2dChannel = 0;

specific the input you want to use, from 0 to 7


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Thanks, it works like a charm, and thanks for the work on the addon, really useful and amazing examples!

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